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Friday, August 26, 2005

msoy news updates

For five years now I have been working on Multiple Shades of You online,, which is an eCommunity that l created to promote positive images of people of color. I strongly believe young people need to be able to find more positive reflections of themselves in the community. Negative media stereotypes and limited exposure to opportunities of self-upliftment, keeps many young people stuck in a state of low self-esteem and headed towards a life of poverty. This past year I have been working on "A Better Today Brings A Brighter Tomorrow", a book turned website, which chronicles the wealth of non-for-profits and community programs available to high-risk urban teens. I am working on ABT,, so that it will include a thorough list of out reach programs online, as well as a listing of Hip Hop Helpers and Super Celebs who have created their own community programs. There are too many good organizations out there with unsung heroes. There are too many children out their with no place to express themselves and feel supported. I want ABT to expose everyone to the ways in which they can get involved in their communities because I believe it does take a village to raise a child.


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