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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Black Freebies

Black Freebies is a new yahoo group, created to keep African American Web viewers in the know about free stuff online. Free downloads, games, software, information, contests, give aways, etc. The best part about this site is that most of the content IS Black Stuff, made by Black Folks, made for Black Folks, or useful to Black Folks. Feel free to join and share.

Black Freebies:

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Poem by Nikki Giovanni

i am 25 years old
black female poet
wrote a poem asking
nigger can you kill
if they kill me
it won't stop
the revolution
i have been robbed
it looked like they knew
that i was to be hit
they took my tv
my two rings
my piece of african print
and my two guns
if they take my life
it won't stop
the revolution
my phone is tapped
my mail is opened
they've caused me to turn
on all my old friends
and all my new lovers
if i hate all black
and all negroes
it won't stop
the revolution
if i never write
another poem
or short story
if i flunk out
of grad school i
f my car is reclaimed
and my record player
won't play
and if i never see
a peaceful day
or do a meaningful
black thing
it won't stop
the revolution
the revolution
is in the streets
and if i stay on
the fifth floor
it will go on
if i never do
it will go on

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How I Benefit From White Privilege

Interesting article from a White Woman about Race...

I'm ashamed that up until a few years ago I still felt that many Black persons were too sensitive about racism; that they sensed slights where there weren't any.


As a white woman who's been thinking about how I benefit from white privilege, I see that so much of it consists not only of what I do get to feel and experience but of what I am privileged not to have to think about or experience.

For example, it looks to me as though a cornerstone of white privilege is simply not having to think about race, not having to think about my color and how people are going to respond to me because of it. Given my living circumstances, I could easily go through an entire day and have absolutely nothing to remind me that the subject of racism exists—even though I may walk past several Latinos on my way to work, buy a paper from an Asian man, and talk to the Black teller as I make a deposit at the bank. To come in contact with persons of color is not the same as being aware that racism is still a raging problem in this country. The ball is in my court about whether I'm going to think about it or not, how much I'm going to think about it, etc.

A person of color does not have this choice. To live and to function in this society is to be forced to think about race and racism whether one wants to or not.

In this article, I've attempted to write as deeply as I could about white privilege as I specifically experience and benefit from it...

How I Benefit From White Privilege

Slavery And the Making Of America

Coming to PBS on Feb. 9th and the 16th from 9PM to 11PM is the four part series Slavery And The Making Of America, produced by Dante James, and narrated by Morgan Freeman. Dante is an incredible filmmaker who has produced many award wining films among them biographies on Marian Anderson and A. Philip Randolph. He worked with the late great filmmaker Henry Hampton at Blackside and was the executive producer of Hampton's last series This Far By Faith: African American Spiritual Journeys.Slavery And The Making Of America tells the story of! slavery from the point of view of the enslaved. The series recognizes the strength, humanity and dignity of the enslaved and redefines them as pro-active freedom fighters not passive and

Please pass this email on and be sure to tune in.

Slavery And the Making Of America
Feb 9th and 16th from 9PM-11PMOn PBS

Originally posted on: Black Intellects

Monday, January 23, 2006

Black Scene

Black Scene: African American Media (
Finally there is a place for African American movie goers and lovers of Black Media. Black Scene is my personal contribution to preserving our Cinematic History. It includes a growing list of websites and information about Black Movies, trailers, television shows, cartoons, and animation.

Choice Black Scene Features:
  1. African American Movie Trailers
  2. African American Television: Sitcoms and Dramas
  3. Watch Black Films Online
  4. Watch Black Films On the Go!
  5. African American Cartoons

Visit Black Scene for up to date information about African American Cinema. Brought to you by Multiple Shades of You Online:


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