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Friday, August 26, 2005

msoy news updates

For five years now I have been working on Multiple Shades of You online,, which is an eCommunity that l created to promote positive images of people of color. I strongly believe young people need to be able to find more positive reflections of themselves in the community. Negative media stereotypes and limited exposure to opportunities of self-upliftment, keeps many young people stuck in a state of low self-esteem and headed towards a life of poverty. This past year I have been working on "A Better Today Brings A Brighter Tomorrow", a book turned website, which chronicles the wealth of non-for-profits and community programs available to high-risk urban teens. I am working on ABT,, so that it will include a thorough list of out reach programs online, as well as a listing of Hip Hop Helpers and Super Celebs who have created their own community programs. There are too many good organizations out there with unsung heroes. There are too many children out their with no place to express themselves and feel supported. I want ABT to expose everyone to the ways in which they can get involved in their communities because I believe it does take a village to raise a child.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Find Articles About ...

Find quality articles about every and anything using the online archive of hundreds of publications. Essence, Ebony, and the Black Issues Book Review are a few of our literary magazines with archived articles on this site.

Articles on Black Teen Girls

The Kanye Buzz

Kanye is on the August 2005 cover of Time Magazine.

"Why You Can't Ignore Kanye (Fall Preview) More GQ than gangsta, Kanye West is challenging the way rap thinks about race and class--and striking a chord with fans of all stripes"

I like Kanye West as much as the next girl, but this new joint you have out with Jamie Foxx is giving me mixed feelings about you. The beat is hot, the hook is addictive, but the content??? Tell me, did some female do you so bad that in every other song you have to talk about gold digging, no good, hood rat mamma's and the baby daddy's they abuse? Last I checked there are more single mothers than than these men of which you speak. Now, I'm not trying to play tit for tat. I know we got some trifling women and some decent dads, but the way you sing man, I feel like your giving off the impression that most black women are gold diggers and as a good sista I'm not feeling that.

Time Magazine Chronicles the Roots of Rap

2005 NAACP Annual Convention

Watch the entire Convention online at

exerpt from: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf by Ntozake Shange

Lady In Red

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf: $3.75

without any assistance or guidance from you
i have loved you assiduously for 8 months 2 wks & a day
i have been stood up four times
i've left 7 packages on yr doorstep
forty poems 2 plants & 3 handmade notecards i left
town so i cd send to you have been no help to me
on my job
you call at 3:00 in the mornin on weekdays
so i cd drive 27 1/2 miles cross the bay before i go to work
charmin charmin
but you are of no assistance
i want you to know
this waz an experiment
to see how selifsh i cd be
if i wd really carry on to snare a possible lover
if i waz capable of debasin my self for the love of another
if i cd stand not being wanted
when i wanted to be wanted
& i cannot
with no further assistance & no guidance from you
i am endin this affair

this note is attached to a plant
i've been waterin since the day i met you
you may water it
yr damn self

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 Diversity 2005

People With the Most Clout: Full List The individuals featured here could make the cut on almost any power list, so why spotlight African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and others with roots worldwide? Because the nature of power is changing and people of color are flexing their muscles as never before.

The New Face of Black Media Online

Multiple Shades of You Online redesigns website to appeal to a larger African American audience.

Brooklyn, New York - Multiple Shades of You Online, a five year old web community for people of color, is taking Black Online Media coverage to the next level. With a fresh new design and interactive search engine, msoy hopes to become the new e-spot for African Americans online.

“Black content, for black people!” shouted msoy founder, LaShanda Henry. “In the summer of 2000, inspiration took over me and I created an e-zine for women of color ages 5-25. Today, that little e-zine has flourished into an e-Community for black folks ages 1-100!” Over the last five years, msoy has evolved into a melting pot of news and resources that highlight quality web content for people of color.

A few msoy original projects include the e-Zine, which aims to meet the needs of African American baby girls, teens and pre-teens by featuring parental guides, educational resources, health tips, and youth entertainment. Urban Dynamics, msoy’s multi-dimensional web portal includes a search engine with site thumbnail previews, a large collection of Black RSS feeds, as well as urban web tools and marketing support for Small Black Businesses. Additionally, Our Media, Black Out Loud, and Mo’ Funnies are three other msoy areas filled with information about black short films, humor, online media, cartoons, comics and graphics animation.

These projects are just a small piece of the msoy puzzle. By fall 2005, Multiple Shades of You Online hopes to officially cross over into the blog realm with its new journals Black Online Entrepreneurs and Black Bloggin.

For a complete listing of all that msoy has to offer you, please visit Multiple Shades of You Online at or email LaShanda Henry, Black site owners are welcome to submit their sites to

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What’s Killing Your Publishing Career?

What’s Killing Your Publishing Career?
— Writers, authors, and poets - stop killing yourselves. Do you want to become a survivor of the 175,000 published books thus far in 2005? —

With the large increase of books being published by self-publishers, and the up-rise of print on demand, there is still a lot of death taking place in the publishing industry. Thus far, 175,000 books have been published in 2005.

Are you a part of this population? There are many aspects that make up these individuals. However, let us target just three that are undeniable to anyone reading this article.

As in anything we do, a large portion of it is about taking risks. Are you a risk taker? You’ve completed your manuscript or just published your novel; it is time to open the entrepreneur portion of your brain.

Risk takers do not mind the possible end result because the thought of success in pure motivation. Many writers and authors remain reclusive within the safe haven of their creativity. What makes this ideology costly? It is the slow return on their investment.

Are you wondering if you fit into this population of authors?

Sure you have published your work for the whole world to read, even critique. But that is just the beginning of this venture. What makes you any different than the other hundreds of thousands of writers and authors?Sure you can play it safe and hope your extraordinary opportunity hits you over your head. Why not become a risk taker and take it by authority?

Becoming a risk taker you must be:
—- persistent.
—- creative
—- passionate

Another obvious bludgeon death is the lack of knowledge.

Yes it is lovely to remain in your creative world and just produce book after book. Can you imagine leaving all the other hoopla for others to sort out?

No one whose a true business person would dare allow themselves to walk blind in their business. Prime examples are Oprah, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. However, many writers and authors are just that, blind.

In order to be successful, you need to be savvy on all levels in the literary industry. If you are not, just like buying a car, you are going to get taken every time. Do your homework, rather than relying on third party hearsay. Why would you find knowing unimportant?

For example, POD (print on demand) writers. Many have shouted foul play. The pitch is knowing the short and long term of POD. Before signing any contract, may it be for a car, house, student loan, or what have you, the rule of thumb is to know what it says. If you do not know, you will swing at a curve ball because the only pitch you anticipated was the fastball.

To become knowledgeable:
—- ask questions
—- take the time to research
—- make sure you understand.

Lastly, the beast of all beasts, is marketing. It is amazing how many authors who are not marketing exhaustively.

This reverts back to the second point of lack of knowledge. Too many authors belief that a publisher will sign them and they will promote and market their book. Happy to inform you, that is not always the case.

This is your business and these publishers have invested enough in you, such as, advance, printing, and a brief promotion run. After this, it is the author’s job to build a website, create news releases, get interviews and so on.

There are many authors and writers out there with published works who are at a lost. Many assume self-published authors must deal with marketing and promoting. If no one has informed you, allow me: that is not true. All published authors, in any realm must market themselves.

How else will your book or novel sell without getting out to the masses? Your readers?To market, you must:
—- think-outside-the-box
—- market everyday on some level
—- address all angles of your novel or book
—- have a user friendly website

Take a look at where you are and where you desire to be in this literary world. Determine if you are killing your publishing career.

This is going to be a challenge, but you have to have enough energy, passion, and juice to make it past the trying moments.

As a writer or author, make sure you are multi-dimensional. You are becoming an entrepreneur, so know where your hats are and when to wear them.

C.F. Jackson is the author of the ebook The Self-Publisher’s Little Black Book: The Resource Book to Self-Publishing for Writers, Authors and Poets: www.thepublisherslittleblackbook. This author has been Nominated Atlanta Daily World Reader’s Choice for Author of the Year – 2005 for the suspense fiction novel, Won’t Be Denied. Visit to learn more about this author and or contact.

Black Designers

Fashion Feature on AOL Black Voices

Ozwald Boateng British designer Ozwald Boateng has his own line, Bespoke Couture, and is the menswear designer for Givenchy.

Keywords: fashion, instyle, funky styles


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